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Zaun Ltd has a huge choice of perimeter fencing available to perfectly complement your office or work premises, many of which are accredited by Secure by Design and the LPCB. The perimeter fencing options available are not only stylish but also secure and hard wearing and come with the Zaun 12 year guarantee. By booking one of our site surveys, you will enable one of our experts to advise you on the ideal perimeter fencing to suit your needs as well as the quantity you will need for your perimeter area and the cost and security options available to you. We have many perimeter protection systems available including:

Duo Perimeter Fencing

Zaun's Duo perimeter fencing is currently the best twin-wire fencing system available on the market. We were one of the first companies in the UK to provide this style of perimeter security and it still offers fantastic value for money today. Our Duo fences are tough enough to withstand vandalism whilst also providing a high level of through-visibility meaning that this style of perimeter fencing will blend into almost any environment.

Hi Sec Perimeter Security

Zaun Hi Sec security fences are ideal to use as a perimeter protection for your property as they provide an extremely high level of safety and security.

Hi Sec Super Protection Systems

Our Hi Sec Super fencing is based on our original Hi Sec fences but has been further developed to provide an even safer and more secure perimeter security option.

Gemini Perimeter Fencing

Not only do our Gemini fences provide a secure perimeter, they are also fantastically stylish and are available in a variety of finishes to complement any property. Gemini perimeter fencing carries the same credentials as the duo system but, if you want convex, concave, wave top or surf top fences, Gemini perimeter fencing is the ideal fence for your needs.

Optima Perimeter Security

Zaun have developed Optima perimeter security fencing to be affordable while at the same time be secure and attractive. Our Optima fences incorporate a ‘V’ design along the length of the fences which adds rigidity to the structure and increases security.

Dual Guard Perimeter Protection Systems

Our Dual Guard fences not only offer high level perimeter through-visibility but are also cut and climb resistant, increasing security.

Solid & Hollow Vertical Bar Railings

Two of our most popular rails are Solid Vertical Bar rails and Hollow Vertical Bar rails. These provide an excellent finish to the perimeter of your home or premises.

Bow Top Railings

Both our Urban and Play style railings can be used as a stylish finish to your perimeter protection.

Axiom Perimeter Security Fencing

Zaun Fencing’s Axiom perimeter fences offer both a contemporary style and a long life span. These fences blend in with their environment giving good through-vision as well as having the strength and security of incorporating V-pressings.

Zariba Perimeter Fencing

Zariba perimeter security fences are both decorative and strong. These fences feature a stylish ring design at the top with ball finials and will enhance the aesthetics of any surroundings. Zariba fences can be installed with matching gates and are currently in use at many locations throughout the UK including Drayton Manor Park & Zoo in the West Midlands.

Multi Fence Protection Systems

Our Multi Fence fencing provides an excellent perimeter to your property or premises and is also mobile therefore it is useful for many building projects.

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