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In the beginning…

In response to a growing and increasing demanding marketplace, Zaun established the Z-Mesh Mesh Manufacturer arm. It had become apparent that a supply chain that relied upon imported panels did not have the flexibility required to keep pace with the changing quantities and increasingly varied panels required by our customer base.

The solution

The solution to this is investment in a £3m custom made mesh welding machine. The Z-Mesh Mesh Manufacturer welding machine has revolutionised the way that Zaun can supply fencing systems as short runs of bespoke panels can easily be accommodated. The process of panel manufacture starts with the delivery of coils of wire. De-coilers feed the wire into straightening machines, which cut the wire to the required length, dependent on the type of panel being produced. These wire rods are now loaded into cartridges in the weld mesh machine.

The vertical wires are fed down parallel channels and pass under the welding heads at which point the second cartridge fires across the horizontal wires. Precision timing and fine mechanical tolerances mean that the Z-Mesh machine can quickly produce large quantities of high quality panels. Unlike most other mesh manufacturers, the Z-Mesh Mesh Manufacturer set up can be changed quickly allowing production of relatively small quantities of bespoke mesh.

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The majority of the wire used by Z-Mesh is pre-galvanised (class D) to BS EN 10244-2:2001. The advantage of using pre-galvanised wire is that the coating is very smooth. This eliminates any sharps that can result from the hot-dip galvanising process. Such sharps, if not removed by hand, means that the finished product can have spikes of galvanising that can cut those players that are using the court or other enclosed areas. Z-Mesh panels are ultra-smooth.

To ensure that the finish is as long lasting as possible, our panels are polyester powder coated. This can be carried out in over 60 standard and over 1000 non-standard colours. If a galvanised finish is required, certain panels are available using a special galvanised coating that contains 5% aluminium. This aluminium content has the effect of making the coating last longer than ordinary coatings and so is ideal if a galvanised finish is desirable. We now also have our ClearCote™ finish consisting of a clear powdered coating finish on top of a pre-galvanised panel.

Panel uses

The Z-Mesh panels are used not only for fencing, but are utilised in a wide variety of industries. The ease with which mesh panels can be formed to various shapes mean that the panels have been used in everything from gabions in civil engineering to cable ducting for the construction industry.


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Z-Mesh Parameters
Min. Wire ThicknessMax Wire ThicknessClosest Mesh Pattern AvailableMaximum Mesh Panel Size
3mm8mm12x50mm6,000 x 3,000mm
Galvanising Specifications (BS EN 10244-2:2001)
Wire DiameterGalvanising Thickness (g/m2) minimum