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ArmaWeave Plus secures new data centre

ArmaWeave Plus secures new data centre

25th August 2015

A massive upscaling in UK data centre capacity is being secured by the most intruder-resistant security perimeter on the market.

High security fencing expert Zaun is supplying its 3.6m high ArmaWeave Plus fencing system for a new data centre in the Home Counties.

Zaun subsidiary Binns Fencing will install almost 650m of the highest-spec fencing.

ArmaWeave’s unique properties add substantial resistance to cutting attacks with hand, powered and non-contact tools.  The tight mesh pattern provides no climbing aids, again limiting the potential for intrusion.

A further development with a differing mesh pattern allows the mesh to be raked, limiting the need for stepping panels across undulations in ground levels.  The mesh still conforms to the high standard but reduces installation costs significantly compared with standard welded mesh systems.

In addition, Zaun has supplied 250m of enhanced 2.4m high ArmaWeave and just under 100m of SR1 rated 358 fencing around an internal compound.

The total order, including security gates and bollards, could reach £700,000.

In the UK, the data centre market has sustained double digit growth since 2012, fuelled by strong demand from the technology, media and telecom industries and a growth in hybrid cloud services.