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3 security fence toppings for your perfect fencing solution

3 security fence toppings for your perfect fencing solution

31st January 2017

Fence toppings are one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to increase the security of your perimeter. They can easily be added to your current perimeter fencing solution or attached to new fencing panels. Here at Zaun, we stock a broad spectrum of different fence toppings to meet customers needs. These toppings can be divided into three basic categories: cranked fence toppings, sharp fence toppings and electrified fence toppings. But which is the right choice for you?

1. Cranked toppings

Some fence toppings extrude outwards from the main fence, creating an overhang. This overhang is difficult for intruders to climb and will deter most petty criminals and miscreants. You can also choose a fence topping that cranks inwards, thereby creating an overhang inside your perimeter and making it difficult for intruders to escape from your site once they have gained access. In addition to deterring many intruders, this will ensure that the few who do attempt to gain access to your site can be trapped until you arrive and call the police. Finally, cranked toppings are the most visually appealing type of topping because they change the shape of your fence without adding intimidating spikes or other shapes. We recommend them for small businesses and public spaces that need to boost their security a little without compromising their inviting appearance.

2. Sharp toppings

Many fence toppings utilise spikes, razor wire or barbed wire to deter intruders. These toppings offer slightly more security than cranked toppings. Even fairly determined criminals are likely to be deterred by sharp toppings because they might be injured as they try to gain access to your site. Those who aren’t deterred may be hurt and incapacitated by your fence toppings. We offer sharp toppings that are very obvious to maximise their effectiveness as a deterrent, as well as more discrete options. We recommend this type of fence topping for larger businesses and important public service sites, such as public transport stations.

3. Electrified fence toppings

When security is paramount, you should opt for an electrified fence topping. Electrified toppings are highly effective at stopping intruders as it is almost impossible for miscreants to breach them without incurring personal injury. They are practical for preventing criminals from entering a site and act as a potent deterrent. We recommend them for businesses that keep large quantities of ultra-high value goods or equipment on-site. We also recommend them for government buildings, military bases and other sites of critical importance.

Here at Zaun, we pride ourselves on providing security fencing that can stop even the most determined and well-equipped intruder. Our security fence toppings are a great way to add even more stopping power to our fences.