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3 things to look for in industrial site fences

3 things to look for in industrial site fences

02nd May 2020

One of the best ways you can look after your industrial site is via top-quality security fencing. This is especially true for any sites that may still be closed due to COVID-19 and for sites that want to stay protected in normal times. If you do not currently have this type of perimeter fencing to protect your buildings, grounds, and stock, it is worth thinking about. But what should you be looking for in any decent industrial site fences for your business?


Any fencing you have installed outside is at the mercy of whatever Mother Nature throws at it. This can be everything from snow to ice, rain, hail, wind and extreme heat. Therefore, it is essential to look for security fencing that can stand up to all this and not get damaged or degraded unduly. While all fencing will suffer from wear and tear over time, this should not be seen too quickly. Here at Zaun, we ensure our fencing is galvanised and powder coated to the highest standards (see here for more information)

Tough and strong

The whole point of putting fencing in place is to provide a tough barrier against intruders or vandals. Therefore, it is key to pick out fencing which is durable and strong. Welded or woven mesh fencing, for example, is very hard for intruders to breach or knockdown. Having this kind of fencing in place means that your stock and grounds will be much safer and harder to access.

Attractive to look at

While fencing needs to keep intruders out and look the part, it should still be attractive to staff or clients. No one wants to work with ugly or depressing fencing to look at after all! Instead, make sure to choose professional-looking security fences that are also attractive and welcoming to those who come onto your site. This will make it a happier place for staff to be and help you to attract more business.

Looking after your site with Zaun

Here at Zaun, we are experts at the installation of industrial site fences. Our range of woven or welded mesh fencing is tough, weather-resistant and looks great. Call today for more details on how we can protect your industrial premises.