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4 ways mesh cages can be used to improve site security and safety

4 ways mesh cages can be used to improve site security and safety

11th April 2020

In addition to secure perimeter fencing, businesses need a range of secure solutions for storage, protection and security. This can be achieved using high quality welded mesh and woven mesh products. Zaun has a range of customizable, modular mesh cages for four main areas of use.

1. Secure storage

Valuable raw materials, machine spares, and finished goods, including bonded goods, often require secure storage cages. Zaun’s secure mesh cages can be designed and manufactured to exact specifications, with a wide range of door and lock solutions. The cages can be modular, meaning that extra units can be easily added as the need arises. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and are resistant to vandalism or criminal attack. Suitable for any type of storage, they can be manufactured in welded mesh, woven mesh or other choices of infill, depending on the security level needed. Woven mesh gives the highest level of security.

2. Demarcation zones

Important for meeting health and safety requirements, Zaun machine demarcation fencing effectively ensures separation zones across the factory and storage area floors.

3. Mesh cages for bin and gas bottle storage

Gas bottles or any other explosive or flammable material storage requires specialist cages, built for the purpose of meeting high safety standards. Zaun’s range includes different sizes, with or without shelving and signage. Refuse bins in industrial sites, or in public places can be effectively protected inside lockable mesh cages. This protects against attack from vandals or animals.

4. Security for staff possessions

Across industrial sites, airports and sports facilities, secure storage lockers for personal possessions, protective gear, toolsets and bicycles are needed. Zaun manufactures a range of mesh lockers, including bicycle lockers, with secure doors and locks to ensure that staff personal equipment is kept safe and secure.

At Zaun, we design, manufacture and install perimeter high security and sports fencing, cages and gates. Our range includes welded mesh and woven mesh products for many applications including industrial sites, sports sites and airports. Expert advice and assistance in planning, design and installation is part of the trusted service you will receive from us.