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5 different types of fencing every school needs

5 different types of fencing every school needs

03rd October 2017

From keeping students safe to preventing theft and promoting involvement in sporting activities, schools need various security and fencing solutions for many reasons. Here are a few different types of fencing every school should have and why they are essential.

1. Perimeter fencing

First and foremost, every school needs perimeter fencing for security reasons. It shows the public where the school’s boundaries begin and end, as well as helping to deter trespassers and vandals. Thieves may also be put off attempting a break-in if their way in and out of the premises is made difficult by the presence of a high-security fence.

There are many different types of perimeter fencing to choose from, some of which are available in a choice of colours to reflect your school’s theme.

2. Playground fencing

As well as clearly outlining where students are allowed to play and socialise, playground fencing can be used to create separate play areas for different classes or age groups while discouraging children from entering unauthorised places. Such fencing can be beneficial if you have a school with large grounds, where different areas are used for various purposes.

3. Sports fencing

Sports fencing establishes barriers between different sporting grounds, preventing simultaneous games from interfering with one another. Certain types of fencing such as baseball cages, cricket lanes and hockey fencing can also encourage sporting participation and enhance students’ enjoyment. At the same time, spectator rails give sports areas a more professional look. No matter what type of sports grounds your school has, there will be a fencing solution to suit.

4. Mesh cages

Mesh cages are an ideal way of keeping your school’s large waste bins secure. Lockable cages ensure the bins remain in their designated area while preventing unauthorised access and tampering.

5. Bike lockers

With the knowledge and peace of mind that there is a secure place to keep their bikes throughout the day, students and staff may be more inclined to cycle to school. As well as providing a designated area for storing bikes, these robust, lockable units will prevent them from being stolen or vandalised.

Whatever security fencing your school needs, contact us at Zaun to discuss our range of solutions.