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Can you practice tennis against the court fence wire mesh?

Can you practice tennis against the court fence wire mesh?

21st April 2020

Tennis is one of the most popular games around the UK, with around 750,000 people playing it in their spare time. When you add in the number of children who play it as part of their regular PE lessons at school, it is clear to see how much we all love it. Of course, the court you play on is vital, and most will have wire mesh fencing around them. This is not just for their visual appeal – a sports court fence like this also keeps the balls on the court and keeps those playing safe.

One other thing that players often wonder about is if a tennis court fence can practice against it? The fact is that you can do this as wire mesh fencing is tough and strong enough to cope, and the wire apertures of the Advantage Tennis system ensures balls cannot pass through. This makes it a popular activity for many players. But what benefits does this actually bring?

Improves reactions

One benefit that practising your shots against the court fencing can bring is an improvement to your reactions. Hitting the ball against a fence will see it rebound at various angles, rather than always coming back to where you might expect. This is actually a good thing as it teaches you to always be on your toes and ready to react quickly to where the ball may go.

It makes practice more fun

While playing tennis is fun, you can sometimes get bored with practice. This makes finding some new ways to sharpen your skills essential, so you do not stagnate. Hitting some balls against wire mesh tennis fencing is a great way to do this as it offers something different for you to do.

Allows you to practice solo

We all know that you usually play or practice tennis with another person but what if no one is available? Rather than leaving it until another day, hitting a few shots against the fence is a great solo practice tool to enjoy. Practising against the fence is also great for killing time when waiting for another player to arrive or even warm-up before playing a game.

Top-quality court fence from Zaun

Of course, having a top-quality wire mesh court fence around courts is key to doing any of the above. So if you have a tennis court that needs the best fencing installed, call Zaun today for details on how we can help.