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The challenges of data centre perimeter security

The challenges of data centre perimeter security

07th March 2017

The data centre industry is enjoying seemingly endless growth on both a national and global scale. Companies are taking on the challenge of funding their own exclusive data storage, as well as taking advantage of an increasing number of data storage services that enable outsourcing to data centres. Whichever option you go for, a major factor in the decision will be the effectiveness of your data centre’s security.

Data centre perimeter security poses some unique challenges. A high rise security perimeter fence is required on data centre sites, but the fencing must also act as a visual shield for the building as much as possible, to ensure viewing of the property is minimal, and prevent outsiders from witnessing secure and confidential activities taking place on the property.

As a result of these unique challenges, innovative and bespoke fencing solutions are often required. A popular choice is the usage of high-security grade timber with a steel mesh to act as a barrier system. The layering of steel mesh provides and extremely robust and incredibly resistant fence that is not easily cut, even with power tools. Closely fitting panels ensure a high quality, dense barrier, that offers no possibility of a view of the site.

Another possible choice is the use of electric and alarmed fencing. The former administers an electric shock to any intruders, powerful enough to dissuade them but non-lethal. Meanwhile, the alarm systems swiftly alert security personnel to intruders and any attempts to breach the perimeter.

In addition to the fencing, the entrance to the site needs to be considered. The site must allow easy access for employees and clients while simultaneously preventing public access. Automatic traffic arm barriers are an excellent solution to this problem, coupled with strong, bow top fences, and the addition of a sturdy gate that can completely block all access should the need arise.

One final addition that can be useful in data centre perimeter security is that of crash rated bollards to the front surround of buildings, and special crash rated speed gates to the rear.

The overall aim when looking to secure a data centre is an impressive and imposing security system that is super-secure, and perfectly designed to deter any attempt to enter. It must also detect any attempts that are made, and effectively withstand any potential breaches to security. With the proper fencing and security combinations, this is perfectly possible – the trick is getting the whole kit and caboodle to look good at the same time!

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