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Three tips on choosing the right fencing for your school

Three tips on choosing the right fencing for your school

03rd December 2019

One thing that nearly all schools have is fencing, to secure off both the building and any sports fields used by children throughout the day. Not only does this deter members of the public from entering school grounds when they’re not meant to be there, but it can help to combat absenteeism in schools by preventing children from leaving without permission. However, with many schools receiving very little funding for improving security measures, some school fencing doesn’t always meet security standards. Here are our three tips on choosing the right fencing for your school.

1. Keep your overall objective in mind

Of course, fencing is used to deter intruders and trespassers from gaining unauthorised access to school grounds, but make sure you carefully consider your school’s specific requirements before erecting perimeter fencing. Some schools will always be more secure than others depending on their location, so carry out a risk assessment to identify any security threats and which type of fencing will be most suitable to help protect against these.

2. Make sure fencing is still welcoming

Yes, fencing is there to protect pupils and staff, but it shouldn’t appear threatening – remember, school needs to be an inviting and welcoming place for students. Therefore, take into account the aesthetics of different fencing types too – there are a number of options to consider, including wire mesh and railings.

3. Choose a low-maintenance option

A high-quality perimeter fence shouldn’t require a lot of maintenance, but regular inspections and checks are needed to identify any issues and threats. For example, make sure there are no buildings or trees nearby that intruders could use as an easy way to climb over your fence. Also double-check that all locks and hinges are working properly to ensure security breaches haven’t been attempted.

For more advice on choosing the best perimeter fencing for your school, get in touch with the team at Zaun today. We’ll take you through all the options we have and provide expert advice on keeping staff and students safe.