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Effective construction site security

Effective construction site security

21st September 2017

Although all industrial sites should be secured, it’s particularly important to secure construction sites. As building work can take weeks or months, construction firms may leave a significant amount of equipment on-site. In many cases, this specialist equipment can be worth tens of thousands of pounds so it’s vital that it’s secured and thefts are prevented.

In addition to this, construction sites can be extremely dangerous so it’s essential that unauthorised personnel are prevented from gaining access. Would-be thieves and vandals could easily gain entry into an unsecured site and children or teenagers may even view a construction site as the perfect playground.

As building firms could be held liable if anyone is injured on site, it’s imperative that all construction sites are fully secure. Although workers may be able to prevent people from entering the site during working hours, perimeter high security or mesh fencing may be used so that the site is secure throughout the night, when the site is left unattended.

Branding fencing for construction sites

Depending on the nature of the site, unbranded woven mesh fencing may be effective at keeping unauthorised personnel out of the site and securing equipment. Whilst the effectiveness of your security measures are, obviously, the top priority, many building firms prefer to use branded security equipment, particularly if construction is likely to take some time.

In an effort to improve the appearance of active construction sites, branded or bespoke fencing can be used. Depending on your design, this also has the advantage of preventing people from being able to see into the site.

Ensuring access to your site

Although generic and branded perimeter fencing can be used to secure your site, appropriate gates can also be installed. If you require high fencing, for example, you’ll want to ensure that the gates match the high level of security you’re installing.

By taking your site needs into account, we can ensure that a range of access methods are put into place. If you require access for large vehicles and specialist equipment, for example, bespoke access methods can be used.

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