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What makes an effective mental health perimeter fence?

What makes an effective mental health perimeter fence?

11th December 2018

There are healthcare facilities in the UK built to support people with mental health issues who need to be treated in specialist, secure facilities. This includes people who have a forensic history and those who are known to present with challenging behaviour that can involve violence. Many users of such facilities are supported as in-patients in low, medium or high-security settings on-site.

With the growth in awareness of mental health issues, these types of facility are getting increased exposure to mainstream attention, and win awards for things like their modernity and the standards of their security. Some of these facilities have been treating patients for over 100 years, with a proud history of protecting those in need through world wars and other trying times.

Ensuring a secure perimeter

Perimeter fencing companies are called upon by architects to assist in the design of effective mental health fencing to maintain security at these facilities. These projects tend to have particularly complex performance specifications, and product designs must meet the security needs without making a facility look too much like a prison. Fence height, post details and gating are important to prevent escape and any personal damage, but the overall look needs to be in keeping with a harmonious aesthetic that is congruent to promoting good mental health.

Mental health perimeter fence requirements

At Zaun, we have manufactured complete solutions for these types of facilities, building on standard designs to meet the requirements with anti-climb perimeter fencing. Special posts can be designed to provide a flush face on the interior and a tamper-proof barrier on the exterior. Other special design features can be included to get the right balance between an anti-climb, tamper-proof fence and a subtle profile that doesn’t undermine a facility’s function as a place of treatment for mental illness.

With many satisfied clients, Zaun delivers mesh and other secure perimeter fencing solutions for a range of environments. Our mental health fencing solutions are effective whilst also being subtle and unobtrusive; a major plus for a mental health environment where patients and staff need to feel at ease with their surroundings.