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Is electrified fencing right for you?

Is electrified fencing right for you?

02nd June 2016

Is electrified fencing right for you?

One of the most effective types of perimeter fencing that we offer here at Zaun is electric fencing. Electrified fencing is nearly impossible to climb over thanks to its ability to deliver a painful shock to anyone who tries. This shock is also a strong deterrent for prospective intruders. Simply put, electrified fencing is a nearly-impenetrable for the vast majority of potential intruders. But is electrified fencing the right solution for you? It is often seen as a somewhat extreme solution, so you may be hesitant to invest in it. We’ve created a guide that covers some of the things you should think about when deciding whether to purchase electrified fencing. We hope this helps you reach a decision.

1. Required level of security

How secure does your fencing need to be? If your perimeter fencing needs to protect someone with a high public profile or something that has a high monetary value, you clearly need to make it as secure as possible, because it may have to repel determined criminals or dangerous individuals. If this is the case, we believe that electrified fencing may be appropriate. However, if your fencing simply needs to protect a small business or a local event, you’re unlikely to attract particularly determined intruders. You should use your skill and judgement to work out what level of security you need and decide whether electrified fencing is necessary based on your conclusions.

2. Location

Electrified fencing is best-suited to remote locales and isolated sites. Electrified fencing cannot differentiate between intruders and people who accidentally stumble into it. It is therefore not appropriate for populated areas. If you need to protect an event or site that’s in a very public area, it may be wise to choose an alternate fencing option. However, if you need to protect a site or event that is more isolated, it should be possible to deploy electrified fencing safely. However, you should still take steps to make sure that none of the individuals who are meant to be on-site can come into contact with it accidentally.

3. Cost

Electrified fencing costs far less to run than you might imagine. However, it isn’t completely cost-free. Before investing in electrified fencing, you should consider whether you can cover the ongoing running costs. If you do decide to invest in electrified fencing (or if you would like to know more about it), contact us. We’re always happy to answer your questions and talk you through our security solutions.