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Fencing for defence in depth

Fencing for defence in depth

31st May 2016

Fencing for defence in depth

Here at Zaun, we’re rightly proud of our security fencing. It has applications that range from industrial site fencing to playgrounds. We believe that high quality security fencing should be part of your defence in depth strategy for the assets and resources you value.

What is “defence in depth”?

Defence in depth is a key principle in the design of physical security around assets. Let’s imagine that on your site you have something valuable (most sites do, especially when you start to consider the importance of confidential information). Effectively we’re talking about layering your defences (like an onion) to provide barriers to even the most determined of assailant. The valuable item sits inside a safe, inside a locked room, inside an alarmed building, behind lights and security cameras, enclosed by a high security fence that’s patrolled by guards. This layering means that it’s almost impossible for an individual thief to have all the right tools and skills to get to your item and get away again. The interloper would need to watch the location for days to plan a way past the guards and cameras, then they’d need industrial ladders or a jet pack to get past the fencing, and skills and equipment for lock picking, alarm deactivation and safe cracking. Even James Bond would struggle!

So a trespasser can get past security fences?

You spotted that? Zaun admit that there are ways past even the best designed and installed security fencing. Firefighters have used their equipment to get over our fencing, and that’s not a bad thing. We recommend our fencing as part of your security plan because industrial cutting equipment, fire engines and tanks all make a lot of noise and are easily visible. A trespasser who is successful in gaining access past a high security fence will have done enough that other parts of your security system will know they’re there and spring into action with an appropriate response. A high security fence will deter and deny access to the casual trespasser and massively boost your chances of detecting and responding to the professional who means you harm.