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Getting fencing sorted for festival season

Getting fencing sorted for festival season

11th July 2017

With summer just around the corner, that means just one thing for certain people: festivals. It will soon be time for ticket holders to pack their bags and enjoy some of the best summer events the country has to offer. For festival organisers, however, there’s a lot to organise from a security aspect. From perimeter security to ensuring that your fencing is thoroughly secure, experienced festival organisers will know just how detailed the security has to be. With good fencing in place, you can go a long way towards maintaining the safety of your visitors, and at the same time you can keep out any potential intruders who fancy seeing a bit of music for free.


The most important aspects of your fencing when it comes to a festival is that it’s anti-climb and robust. Woven and welded mesh fencing is both difficult to scale and extremely difficult to break, and that’s why it’s the fencing of choice for the major events we supply. You will also want to make your guests feel as if they are safe and secure, as you don’t want them worrying about anything other than having a good time at your festival. The more time they spend fretting about security, the less likely they are to buy a ticket for next year.

Crowd control

If you’re organising a festival that’s likely to get busy, crowd control is essential. Without any way to manage the flow of visitors as they enter the festival, you’re likely to get large crowds and queues which could pose a security risk. With proper crowd control fencing, however, you can monitor the flow of visitors and control the crowds in a manageable way. Getting people into your festival in an organised and secure fashion not only adds to the safety of your visitors, but it also makes it much easier for festival staff. Ultimately, you want your staff to be able to deal with one visitor at a time, and our fencing will allow you them to do just that.

So, if you’re planning a festival and would like to discuss your security needs, then contact us today to see how we can help.