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high security prison fencing installation

high security prison fencing installation

02nd November 2017

Unsurprisingly, prisons require a high level of security, and any security measures must be designed and installed carefully. Whilst it’s obviously necessary to have effective perimeter fencing in place, there are various other security features which should be used on-site.

As well as using high security perimeter fencing, officials should also consider the use of fence toppings. With various options available, these can stop people from escaping the prison grounds, but they can also prevent unauthorised site access.

Whilst it may seem unlikely for people to break in to a prison, it’s not uncommon for unauthorised personnel to try and gain access to the grounds. In addition to this, unauthorised or contraband items are sometimes thrown over perimeter fencing so that inmates have access to items such as mobile phones, electronics or potentially dangerous weapons.

By using fence toppings, such as concertina razor wire, cranked toppings or an FST system, officials can prevent unauthorised entries and exits, as well as reducing the number of unauthorised products which are transported into the prison grounds.

Protecting visitors and staff

In addition to ensuring the prisoner’s welfare, officials must also take the safety of workers and visitors into account. With family and friends able to visit prisoners regularly and maintenance workers often attending to issues around the site, there are normally a significant number of visitors on site at any one time.

It’s essential, therefore, that security measures are used to protect them from potential violence or from any unwanted issues. Perhaps one of the most important security issues is how site visitors gain entry to the prison. Whilst efficiency is important, it’s also vital that the visitor’s entry and exit procedure cannot be abused by inmates.

High level security gates can be used to manage both vehicle and visitor access to the site, for example. Approved for use by the Ministry of Justice, HiSec Prison fencing can be used alongside with various locking systems and is available in both single and double leaf options.

Using the ‘358’ welded mesh configuration, HiSec Prison fencing is a popular choice for any high security institution. With numerous options available, why not contact us at Binns Fencing to discuss your security installation needs today?