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How to hire security personnel who are worthy of your Zaun security system

How to hire security personnel who are worthy of your Zaun security system

15th September 2016

At Zaun, we specialise in supplying resilient, well-built perimeter fencing. We also provide additional security measures, such as fence toppings, CCTV and hostile vehicle mitigation systems that can be used to supplement and strengthen your fencing. However, there’s one part of your security system that we can’t supply: the human element.

If you’re in charge of the security for high-profile premises where precious equipment or data is kept on-site, it’s almost imperative that you employ security staff to protect the area. For example, you should have at least one security guard patrolling the premises when no one else is present, and someone else should monitor your CCTV feed. So naturally, you’ll want to hire top-notch security workers who will offer real protection for your premises. Here at Zaun, we may not be able to provide you with security personnel ourselves, but we can give you some tips to ensure that the ones you hire are suited to the task of guarding your premises.

1. Experience with your security systems

Ideally, your security personnel should be familiar with the type and brand of security system your premises uses before you hire them. For example, if you’ve purchased CCTV, alarm systems, electrified fencing or other advanced security systems from us, you should seek out security personnel who have prior experience using systems supplied by Zaun. This will ensure that your security staff don’t make any rookie errors when operating the security system and will be able to work with it effectively from the outset.

2. Trustworthiness

You should always run background checks on prospective security workers, even if you hired them through a reputable agency. You’ll be trusting your security staff with your premises and all their contents, so ensuring that they can be trusted is essential. You don’t want to hire someone who might steal from you or overlook a security breach, after all.

3. Physicality

While some security positions (such as CCTV monitoring) aren’t especially physical, others are. For example, the security guard who patrols your premises may be called up to chase down and stop an intruder. We, therefore, recommend that you look for candidates who are in good bodily condition and can handle the more visceral, physically demanding aspects of the job.

Here at Zaun, we believe that our security fencing and additional systems will prevent the vast majority of prospective intruders from gaining entry to your premises. However, it’s important to hire top-quality security staff, just in case someone does make it past your perimeter. By following the guidelines we’ve provided here, you can ensure that your security personnel are as reliable as your Zaun security fencing.