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Securing premises in historic areas and niche locales

Securing premises in historic areas and niche locales

01st May 2018

Do you own a site or premises in a historic area or an area with a specific and recognisable aesthetic? If so, it’s important to make sure your security measures are appropriate to the area’s unique style. It might seem like a trivial issue, but ensuring your security system isn’t at odds with the local aesthetic can help your business or organisation. It builds goodwill among people who live in the area (and who may become customers) and helps your brand develop a positive reputation. Of course, seamlessly integrating modern security into historic areas and niche locales can be tricky. That’s why we’ve come up with some simple, easy-to-follow tips to help you.

1. Take advantage of powder-coating

Your security system’s colour scheme can help it blend into its surroundings. For example, a grey, unpainted security fence might look out-of-place in a historic town with many greenery or a boutique area with lots of pastel colours. In contrast, a secure perimeter that’s been painted a naturalistic green or a pleasant primary colour can look at home in these settings. In addition, you can have security fencing panels or railings powder-coated to make them more colourful and visually appealing, so take advantage of this process.

2. Opt for either railings or bespoke security fencing

Railings have a more quaint and quirky look than most security fencing options, even though they are a very effective security measure. This means that they blend into both historic and stylish settings much better than fences. If you really need a fence rather than railings, we suggest opting for bespoke fencing. You can have bespoke fencing panels fabricated that are designed to fit your locale’s aesthetic.

3. Ensure security cameras are positioned discreetly

If possible, we strongly recommend placing CCTV cameras and similar technological security measures so that they won’t be seen from outside your perimeter. This is particularly important in historic areas, where obvious, modern cameras can distract from the traditional aesthetic. Obviously, if you need your CCTV system to work as a deterrent, this may not be possible. However, if you simply need a CCTV system as a precaution, aim to make it as discreet as you can.

4. Avoid aggressive fence toppings

If you need to add fencing toppings to your security fencing, we suggest choosing non-aggressive ones. Fence toppings that create hard-to-climb overhangs are available, so opt for these instead of barbed-wire or spiked toppings. Such aggressive toppings may not be appropriate for the area where your site or premises is located.

Here at Zaun, we believe it should be possible to secure your site or premises without tampering with its historical or local aesthetic. We also believe that this can help your brand. We’re happy to work with you to create a security solution that protects you effectively and looks great, so get in touch with us today.