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Hostile vehicle mitigation and you

Hostile vehicle mitigation and you

07th June 2016

Hostile vehicle mitigation and you

One of the most destructive and dangerous ways for prospective intruders to overcome perimeter fencing is to simply drive a large vehicle into it. Even very tough security fencing can be broken apart if it is hit by a fast-moving vehicle. That’s why, here at Zaun, we supply hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) systems that can prevent vehicles from smashing through your fencing. But do you really need a hostile vehicle mitigation system? They are very useful in some situations, but may not be necessary in others. To decide if you could benefit from HVM, you should consider three simple questions.

1. Is your secure site easy for vehicles to get to?

If the site that you wish to protect is surrounded by roads or is located in terrain that vehicles can traverse easily, you may wish to consider HVM. Remember, if vehicles can reach your perimeter fencing, they can be used against it. Of course, if your secure site is located in terrain that is less vehicle-friendly or only has a single road going in and out, a hostile vehicle mitigation system may not be necessary.

2. How high-profile is the site you wish to secure?

Not all prospective intruders can afford to acquire a vehicle to use against your perimeter fencing. If you only need security fencing to protect your small business or a local event, you probably don’t need HVM. After all, only hoodlums and minor criminals are likely to try to break into your secure site, and they probably can’t afford a large vehicle to crash into your perimeter fencing. In contrast, if you need security fencing to protect a high-profile site, such as the venue for a major sporting event, a military installation or even a major bank, you may wish to invest in HVM. These sites are likely to be targeted by more ambitious criminals with access to the greater resources, such as anti-security vehicles. Even if your site isn’t easily accessible to vehicles, we recommend investing in HVM if it is particularly high-profile. Never underestimate the ingenuity of would-be intruders.

3. Do you need to protect something very valuable?

If your secure site is used to store goods which are irreplaceable or have a particularly high monetary value, you should consider investing in a hostile vehicle mitigation system. When you need to protect something irreplaceable, you should use every security measure available to you, just to be safe. Remember, when you’re guarding something of inestimable value, there’s no such thing as ‘excessive security’.

If you think carefully about the questions we have listed in today’s blog post, you should be able to easily decide whether you need a hostile vehicle mitigation system. If you do need to invest in HVM, contact us today – we can help.