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How Covid-19 increases the need for high security perimeter fencing

How Covid-19 increases the need for high security perimeter fencing

09th April 2020

The Office For National Statistics in the United Kingdom estimates that, in the year ending in September 2019, there were 705,000 offences recorded involving criminal damage and arson. While not all of these were crimes committed against commercial interests or public buildings, these figures highlight the concerning fact that such areas remain at significant risk of costly intrusion. This risk is only amplified by the Covid-19 global pandemic.

The impact working from home has on on-site security.

As the UK tries to adjust to its ‘new normal,’ we are beginning to realise that, in many cases, a significant proportion of non-key worker staff will be expected to continue working from home for the foreseeable future. This means fewer people will continue to be on-site for the regular, reliable, low-key monitoring of security for businesses and public buildings. Lower numbers of people on-site significantly increase the vulnerability of premises and business assets at a time when economic considerations are already challenging. The perimeter of any facility – from commercial and construction to sports and educational – are at risk of penetration by intruders if left without comprehensive protection.

Specialist Covid-19 fencing solutions in a time of crisis

The installation of security fencing and security gates requires specialist solutions tailored to the individual requirement of the site in question. The type of perimeter fencing that is most appropriate for a primary school does not suit a company requiring data centre security, for example. This is why a company with a broad range of experience and products should be the first port of call for those concerned about vulnerabilities within their existing fencing.

Zaun has an impressive history of providing innovative and responsive fencing solutions to every type of site and venue. With a consumer-focused and design-led approach, even the most daunting or complex perimeter fencing issues are addressed through internationally accredited, award-winning processes. Contact Zaun today to take the first steps toward improving your Covid-19 fencing & perimeter security during this Covid-19 crisis, with specialist advice from our experienced team.