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How to spruce up your outdoor school tennis courts for Spring

How to spruce up your outdoor school tennis courts for Spring

28th January 2020

Tennis is a very popular game around the UK and one that many schools include in their PE curriculum. As the good weather is needed to play it, tennis is primarily a sport played in the spring and summer months. If you have outdoor tennis courts at your school, now is a great time to think about getting them looking their best.

But what are the best tips to go about sprucing them up?

Repair your security fencing

All schools know how key looking after the children they teach is. This certainly applies to any outdoor sporting areas like the tennis courts your school may have. A great way to make them look better and also offer protection to your pupils is to repair any security fencing which has seen better days. If a lot of your existing fencing is damaged or broken then it may be best to replace the whole lot. Of course, if you do not currently have perimeter fencing around your outdoor tennis courts then installing it is highly advised.

Make sure any nets are in good order

Another area that gets a lot of use in outside tennis courts is the nets. Over time, this can see them become ripped. This does not look great and can also impact negatively the pupils’ enjoyment of tennis lessons. For these reasons, it is wise to repair any tennis nets you can over winter when not in use or allocate some of your annual budget to buy new ones. You will be really impressed with how much better they make your courts look to parents and pupils.

Redo the line markings

A major part of any outdoor tennis courts is the line-markings. These not only help pupils to see where the ball should be served but also when a shot is out. Tennis courts will usually need marking out again every year and doing this now in time for spring is a good move. If your courts are grass then you should also remember to reseed if needed and also give them a good mow before pupils begin using them again.

Call Zaun for great value security fencing

If you need security fencing installed for your school tennis courts, call Zaun for help. Our range of mesh fencing looks great and will really help spruce them up, ready to be used this spring. Whether you need an upgrade to existing fencing or need new fencing installed altogether, call today for more details.