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Industry report showcases growing importance of fencing sector

Industry report showcases growing importance of fencing sector

21st August 2018

A study recently conducted by the Association of Fencing Industries (AFI) has revealed the current value of the UK fencing industry. The AFI – trade association formed when the European Fencing Industry Association and the Fencing Contractors Association merged – has calculated that the sector is worth over £1.1bn, a figure which is divided almost equally between materials and installation.

An employment boon

The positive financial state of the fencing industry is also, of course, incredibly good when it comes to employment. The AFI’s report suggests that, because of the sector’s increased profits, approximately 1,000 new employees are required each year to fulfil requirements. Given the current levels of confusion and uncertainty around long-term employment opportunities due to Brexit, the report’s findings show that the strong performance of the fencing industry should be regarded as a shining light.

An expert’s opinion

On the back of the report’s release, AFI chief executive Ian Ripley said: “These findings are immensely useful in going forward, and will form the backbone of future strategy. The industry offers a very good opportunity for young people and, while some bodies already understand the position and offer training, there needs to be a wider appreciation of our needs. We need to get closer to educational institutions and seek to get young people to train for and join our industry both through the educational system and direct through members themselves.”

Opportunities overseas

Because of the UK fencing industry’s current successes, and down to its growing reputation worldwide, it would seem that there could be an increase in the number of opportunities fencing firms have to work abroad. And this statement is more than just conjecture.

Only last month, Colas, one of the world’s most reputable civil engineering firms, encouraged UK organisations – with a particular focus on fencing companies – to help develop a new airport for the government of Uganda. This is a significant international project and one that could further enhance the reputation of the UK fencing sector.

Of course, it is worth stating that this success has been crafted upon sturdy foundations of reliability, quality and trust. And it is these three pillars that Zaun has been built on.