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Top ways to keep your outdoor rugby pitches safe

Top ways to keep your outdoor rugby pitches safe

12th September 2019

The 2019 Rugby World Cup is in full swing and this means rugby is a sport which is getting lots of publicity at the moment. If you own or manage outdoor rugby pitches, then you will naturally want to do all you can to keep them secure so people can play on them safely. Outdoor spaces like this can sometimes be tough to look after though which is why doing what you can is key.

If you need a few tips on the best ways to keep them secure, the below should help.

Security fencing

Perhaps the best way to keep your outdoor rugby pitches safe is with top-class security fencing. Perimeter fencing will first act as a visual deterrent to would-be intruders and stop them in their tracks. If they do continue to get up to mischief, quality sports fencing will make it nigh on impossible to break in. Woven and welded mesh fencing is best as it is tough and hard to climb over.

Stay vigilant

One other way to keep rugby pitches safe is to simply keep a close eye on them. If you remain vigilant to who is around and what they may be up to, it will enable you to act before they can do any damage. Even if they are just hanging around the pitches, it is wise to remain vigilant so you can ask them to move if they are being a nuisance. This tip is especially important if the pitches are not in use as this is when vandals or intruders are more likely to appear.

Think about lighting

Along with fencing, having security lighting installed is a great idea for rugby pitches. Naturally, you will not want to waste energy and money by leaving them on all night though! The best thing to do here is to install security lighting which works on a motion sensor basis. The lighting then only comes when a would-be intruder ventures too close. As criminals and those up to no good prefer to work in darkness, this is a very effective course of action to take.

Let Zaun help out

If you need top-quality welded or woven mesh security fencing for your rugby pitches, call Zaun today. Our effective perimeter fencing will help to keep those out who should not be there and protect your pitches from vandals or damage.