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Keeping your security fence in top condition

Keeping your security fence in top condition

14th May 2019

Galvanised wire mesh fencing is highly resilient and can last up to sixty years in ideal conditions. However, despite its durability, it still needs to be properly maintained and repaired, especially when used as security fencing. As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, several factors can weaken mesh fencing over time, reducing its efficacy as a security measure. For example, bad weather can cause it to rust, vandalism can damage it, and repeated break-in attempts can destabilise it. Luckily, keeping your security fence in good condition doesn’t have to be difficult. In today’s blog, we’ll give you our tips for repairing fencing damage before you need to buy a whole new fencing solution.

1. Replacing fixtures and fittings

The wire mesh structure of a fencing panel is pretty hard to damage. In many cases, the fittings and fixtures that hold the fence together will weaken first, especially if the fence is attacked by intruders. Before replacing a fencing panel, check if the problem can be remedied by replacing screws, bolts and other fittings that might have been broken or loosened. We recommend replacing broken fittings one at a time rather than removing the affected panel to replace them all at once. This means you won’t leave a gap in your security perimeter.

2. Repairing small gaps

If a fencing panel develops a large gap, you will need to replace it. Even if you repair the gap, intruders may take advantage of the weakened part of the fence to infiltrate your security perimeter. However, smaller gaps and breaks aren’t such a big problem and can be repaired. We recommend welding the broken ends of the wire mesh back together. It might also be worth coating the damaged area in a fresh metal layer to ensure it doesn’t break again.

3. Replacing individual panels

Sometimes, a panel becomes rusted or damaged beyond repair. In these instances, you’ll have to replace it. This doesn’t need to be a complex or risky process, provided you prepare properly. Firstly, order a made-to-measure replacement panel from the manufacturer who supplied your fencing solution. A generic panel would not fit the gap properly. Secondly, you should put up temporary security fencing around the panel that needs to be removed and replaced. This will help you avoid creating a gap in your security perimeter. Once you have done this, you should find it easy to remove the damaged panel and put in the replacement without having to worry about whether it will fit or whether your perimeter has been compromised.

Here at Zaun, we supply security fencing solutions that are designed to last for decades. By replacing fixtures and fittings as necessary, repairing gaps and replacing individual panels, you can help extend the life of your security fence. If you do need a new fencing solution, however, check out our product pages today.