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Kick off the football season with your all-weather pitches properly protected

Kick off the football season with your all-weather pitches properly protected

14th September 2017

With the football season in full swing, tens of thousands of grassroots football clubs will be donning their football boots and heading to the reliable sanctuary of their all-weather pitches.

Huge advances in technology have made these surfaces a very desirable alternative to grass. Some of the most obvious benefits are: – they don’t freeze during the cold weather; each blade of ‘grass’ bounces back into position when trodden on, so it always looks good; ball bounces are similar to what you can experience on grass and injuries can be kept to a minimum as there is good amount of give in the surface.

However, all this technology comes at a price. The BBC reports that the cost of installing an average 3G pitch can be upwards of half a million pounds, so clubs and pitch providers know that protecting their investment is of paramount importance.

The primary way to protect this investment is of course with decent and high quality perimeter fencing. Security fencing is designed to keep out trespassers who may vandalise the facility, unwanted animals that might befoul the pitches, and to prevent litter and debris blowing in. And of course it goes without saying, it ensures that everyone using the pitch has paid to do so rather than simply helping themselves!

The most important factor with sports fencing is for the structure to be rigid and strong and of a mesh construction which is not only low maintenance but has no solid surface for vandals to deface and is extremely difficult to climb. You will also want to ensure that you have secure pedestrian gate access which can be purchased with matching infill options to the main fencing, as well as a variety of security locking systems. Equally, good robust spectator rails will protect your playing surface and provide protection for both players and spectators.

Our range of high security sports fencing will help protect your artificial football pitches and multi-use games areas (MUGA) so you can ensure your investment is safeguarded, now and for the future.

If you are looking for sports fencing then check out our selection of fencing options online, or contact us today for further advice.