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Safe and secure UK major events

Safe and secure UK major events

09th November 2017

Whenever major events are organised, they create logistical and practical issues which need to be addressed. Perhaps most importantly, the security surrounding these types of events must be appropriate and effective. With tens of thousands of people often attending UK major events, it’s vital that they can do so safely.

Often, one of the biggest concerns with these types of events is how to get people in and out of the event site safely. When numerous people are attempting to access or exit a venue, it’s easy for people to be knocked to the ground or crushed.

By using appropriate security measures, such as pedestrian gates, portals and turnstiles, the flow of pedestrian traffic can be restricted and reduced. By forcing people to enter or leave a venue slowly and calmly, the instances of people suffering injuries in a crush are reduced considerably.

Ensuring emergency exits are available

Whilst slowing pedestrian traffic increases safety in most circumstances, there may be valid instances in which people need to be evacuated from the event quickly. If a fire were to break out, for example, it may be necessary to facilitate the quick exit of staff and visitors, for example.

It’s essential, therefore, that venues and events are subject to comprehensive security assessments whilst still in the planning stages. By carrying out a security audit, experienced personnel can ensure that pedestrian traffic calming methods are used during standard entries and exits but that the speed of pedestrian movement can be increased in an emergency situation.

Having larger gates available, in addition to pedestrian turnstiles, for example, may provide an alternative exit route for urgent evacuations.

Taking security seriously

Although the UK hosts numerous major events, such as the Wimbledon Championships, the Olympic Games and music festivals, there are regular large-scale events taking place throughout the year too. Due to this, it’s important that these types of events can be managed properly and safely.

To find out more about how you can effectively manage the security of major public and private events, contact us today.