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Safely securing your building site to protect children

Safely securing your building site to protect children

22nd September 2015

There are few things quite so appealing to children as they aren’t allowed – from fizzy pop and sweets to places they aren’t allowed to play in. But, unfortunately, every year, children are hurt sneaking onto building sites to play with their pals. While it’s sometimes unavoidable, it’s your responsibility to do your best to keep safely secure your building site to keep the public safe.

As the tragic case of Barnsley boy Conley Thompson (who sadly passed away after slipping into a plastic pipe on a building site this summer) illustrates, it’s all too easy for kids to end up in serious trouble playing on a building site.

You can help reduce the risk of accidents occurring by keeping your site secure; the most effective way to keep kids off is to use high-security fencing – good perimeter fencing will be tough to climb and cut, so your site stays secure, and the local kids stay safe.

Maintaining it well is also key; task someone with doing a quick walk around the security fencing every day. Any damage can then be spotted and repaired quickly, and the site of the damage can be put under observation to ensure no one tries to use it to enter your building site.

Using perimeter intrusion devices to detect if the external perimeter is breached or tampered with is also helpful. CCTV with video analytics is also useful to enable you to keep an eye on proceedings on site remotely at any time of the day or night. It means that any reports of suspicious activity can quickly be verified, and the relevant authorities can be notified.

In the unlikely event that a child manages to enter the building site and parents decide to sue, these precautions can also provide valuable evidence in court that appropriate measures had been taken.

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