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How to select appropriate school security fencing

How to select appropriate school security fencing

03rd November 2015

Whether you need to refurbish your school’s existing security fencing or if you require extensive perimeter fencing for a newly constructed educational institution, school security is an important factor which requires dedicated thought and attention. To help ensure that you invest in suitable fencing which will facilitate a safe, yet welcoming, environment for staff, students, parents and school personnel, listed below are our top tips and recommendations on how to select ideal security fencing for educational institutions:

View your site from an intruder’s perspective

Before you invest in your school fencing, it is important that you walk around the perimeter of your site and carry out an extensive risk assessment of the entire facility. By viewing your school site from the perspective of a potential intruder you will be able to isolate any vulnerable points of entry and select suitable fencing which will accommodate for your school’s needs. From identifying all access points and the positions of your site’s buildings, to evaluating any elevated ground, trees or outdoor structures which will require fencing of different heights, this simple, yet highly effective, process will ensure that your school grounds will be protected against any unauthorised intruders.

Consider sports fencing for playground areas

In addition to assessing where to place your school fencing, you should also take time to consider the type of fencing in which to invest. For instance, you will require different types of fencing for your school’s main gates than you would for your facility’s playing grounds. It is, therefore, advised that you research the different types of sports fencing, such as welded mesh fencing with high impact capabilities.

Invest in subtle but safe security measures

You want your school to be viewed as a safe, welcoming environment for all staff, students, parents and personnel. As such, it is worthwhile investigating security measures that will offer sufficient protection while simultaneously blending into their surroundings. In these circumstances, school-specific security fencing will enable you to create a secure and attractive learning environment for all.