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Three uses for mesh storage cages

Three uses for mesh storage cages

15th June 2017

Mesh storage cages are ideal if you need to secure valuable equipment without bringing it inside. They allow you to store items outside your building or premises without leaving them exposed to thieves and other criminals. What’s more, they can be used in conjunction with perimeter fencing and other measures to maximise your site or premises’ security. Here at Zaun, we are proud to supply highly secure mesh storage cages. But what types of equipment and items can you use these cages for?

1. Large and unwieldy items

Does your business or organisation use equipment that is too large to store in your building or premises? For example, you might run a construction company that utilises tools and machines that are simply too unwieldy to bring inside. If so, you obviously need to keep this equipment safe while it’s outdoors and unattended. A mesh security cage may be the perfect solution. You can store bulky items and pieces of equipment in a mesh cage so that you don’t have to try to bring them indoors. You can store items in these cages for extended periods (or overnight) without worrying that they might be stolen or vandalised.

2. Dangerous items and pieces of equipment

Gas bottles, dangerous pieces of machinery and other hazardous items shouldn’t be left out in the open in case they injure someone. However, storing these items indoors may be equally unsafe or impractical. However, mesh cages are often a viable storage option for these items. Locking dangerous items in mesh cages is a great way to ensure that nobody comes into contact with them and accidentally injures themselves.

3. Items that are used frequently

Some pieces of equipment are only suitable for outdoor use. It often isn’t practical to store these items indoors if they are likely to be used multiple times during the day. Nobody wants to drag a piece of equipment outdoors every time it needs to be used, after all. A mesh storage cages can provide a safe, secure environment to store these items when they are not being used.

If you have equipment that requires a mesh cage storage solution, take a look at our range today. Don’t forget that our cages work best when deployed alongside security fencing and other measures.