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Top ways to physically secure data centres

Top ways to physically secure data centres

09th July 2019

The rise of cloud computing has seen many data centres spring up across the country. If you are in charge of one, looking after it with effective data centre security is key. While cyber-security is naturally a major part of this, you should not forget about physical security. Making sure your premises are secured physically from intruders is vital. If they were to gain easy access instead, then they could run off with hardware full of sensitive details. Even if they did not steal anything, they could hack into servers to plant bugs or access information.

But what are the best ways to beef up your physical data centre security?

Top-quality security fencing

Perhaps the most common and cost-effective way is to install perimeter fencing. Woven or welded mesh is usually considered the best type to use as it is strong, tough to climb and hard to cut through. It also projects a firm visual deterrent to would-be intruders as they approach your site. With this kind of security fencing around your perimeter, you will keep your data centre much more secure.


Of course, the next most common security feature you will see on most sites is CCTV. This network of cameras helps you keep an eye on your whole grounds from one central control room. It is also superb for early warning of any potential issues as you will see what is unfolding on-screen. This early warning is great for warning what to expect and extra time to plan for it.

Security doors

Another fabulous way to protect your data centre is to focus on doors and entrances. Many sites will use security doors that need an authorised staff card or code to gain access through. This naturally helps keep out anyone who should not be there. However, these doors are usually pretty tough also to stop people simply trying to break them down.

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