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3 places welded mesh fencing makes the most sense

3 places welded mesh fencing makes the most sense

02nd August 2018

Welded mesh fencing is an ideal fencing choice for a variety of reasons, but if you operate a specific business or organisation you can be left wondering if it’s really right for you. There are many benefits to welded mesh fencing, but if you operate in any of the following businesses you can rest assured it’s the right choice.

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The main benefit for schools isn’t welded mesh fencing‘s inherent security properties, though it is a highly secure fencing option. Something which many schools will want to consider is the fact that due to its modular construction, welded mesh fencing is often very affordable compared to other forms of fencing. This is helped also by the fact that it’s relatively quick and easy to install, which means savings on labour costs as well as materials. With schools so often underfunded, it’s important to make every penny count and welded mesh fencing offers excellent levels of security without the need for excessive investment.


The major benefit for construction sites of welded mesh fencing is that aside from its affordability and security protection, it’s also highly versatile. This means that it can easily accommodate the changing scope of a building site for example, rather than being a fixed security fence. As the building site grows and develops, welded mesh fencing can be altered and expanded relatively easily while still providing the same levels of intruder protection and security for workers.


Welded mesh fencing is attractive for outdoor events because it works exceptionally well with other methods of security, for example, perimeter CCTV and alarm systems. It can also be erected to work with floodlights, which is useful if you regularly run events after dark such as sporting fixtures and outdoor concerts. When properly reinforced, welded mesh fencing is strongly resistant to vehicle impact attacks, which in the current climate is a consideration that needs to be made.