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What are the advantages of adopting ArmaWeave fencing?

What are the advantages of adopting ArmaWeave fencing?

26th May 2021

ArmaWeave has effectively raised the bar for high-security fencing. Featuring robust woven mesh, it has been specifically developed to answer the intensive defence requirements of Critical National Importance (CNI) sites. Still, it can also offer an impressive security solution for any business that wants premier protection. In the next sections, we’ll explore just some of the key benefits of using ArmaWeave fencing for your firm.

Exceptional defence against intrusion

ArmaWeave fencing has been cleverly engineered to repel a wide variety of attacks. The tightly woven mesh made from wires of high tensile steel offers no possible foothold for those attempting to climb it and has proven resistant against built-for-purpose blades and power cutting tools. The fencing has been tested and approved by CPNI, making this fencing system ideal for installation at MOD sites and Sites of Critical National Importance (CNI)

Excellent raking abilities

Sites based on uneven ground can sometimes provide challenges for perimeter fencing, leaving it vulnerable at key points. ArmaWeave fencing negates such risks with superior raking abilities not typically found in mesh fence options. Designed to adapt to different topography, the solution can ensure greater levels of site security and make for easier and more effective installations. This means there is a valuable cost-saving vs a stepped fence as fewer posts are required, and therefore less civils required providing a cost-saving on the product supply and the installation.

Fully compatible

These cutting-edge fences have been designed to work with various other products for enhanced security measures. Whether you want to add ArmaWeave security gates to your installation, attached electronic enhancements such as PIDs or electric fencing or a dedicated fence topping, you’ll find this option fully compatible.

Experts in high-security fencing solutions

Designing, manufacturing, and installing security fencing approved at the government level at Zaun, we are well-positioned to assist with all your onsite requirements. Contact our expert team today to discuss a bespoke security solution to suit your needs.