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What does MUGA stand for?

What does MUGA stand for?

02nd April 2020

MUGA is an acronym that stands for Multi-Use Games Area. Essentially, this is a sports court that can be used for a number of different activities, including netball, tennis, basketball and 5-a-side football. MUGAs are easy to adapt for different sports and are perfect for schools and community facilities. They can be built next to each other and are enclosed and separated by an inner dividing fence to provide a surface for balls to rebound off of, in addition to a visual divide between each court. They often have multiple line markings for different games, which are easily distinguished between by the different coloured lines.

What are the benefits of a MUGA?

  • Space-saving, they are great for where space is limited, such as in inner-city schools and recreational clubs
  • Less maintenance is required as there is only one court to clean and service
  • MUGAs are easy to set up and install
  • They offer complete customisation and flexibility

MUGA categories

The beauty of a MUGA is the amount of flexibility it allows for. From hard courts to AstroTurf courts, it can be designed and built to meet your specific requirements and easily adapted to changing needs. The below categories are used to differentiate between the different types of MUGA. We have listed the main sports each category caters for, however, there is a huge amount of customisation available.

Type 1 and 2

  • Tennis, basketball and netball
  • Macadam surface finish
  • Coloured anti-slip coating can be used to increase surface grip

Type 3 and 4

  • Netball, basketball and 5-a-side football
  • Usually a polymeric rubber surface

Type 5A

  • Football and hockey
  • 2G sand filled synthetic grass surface finish

Type 5B

  • Hockey as the main sport
  • Sand dressed artificial turf finish

Type 5C

  • Football, hockey, athletics and running
  • Multisport needle punch surface

What is MUGA fencing?

A MUGA is enclosed by fencing that incorporates built-in gates to allow access to and from the court. There are multiple options available. At Zaun, we provide MUGA fencing, in addition to a multitude of sports and play solutions. Contact us today for a quick chat and we will explain the best options for your requirements.