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What is hostile vehicle mitigation and how can you handle it?

What is hostile vehicle mitigation and how can you handle it?

18th August 2020

When you run a business or put on a major event, there are many things to consider. One essential thing is keeping everyone safe who might visit your premises or work on-site. A growing threat to safety in the UK is hostile vehicle attacks. This is where criminals drive vehicles into people or buildings to cause damage. Hostile vehicle mitigation is the process of protecting your premises and anyone on it from attacks like this.

But what can you do to handle it effectively?

Specialist security measures

The most effective way to mitigate this threat is by installing the right security measures on-site. It is key, though, to choose specialist measures designed to withstand this sort of attack. Specialist security fencing is a great example as this is extra-strong to stop any hostile vehicle from breaking through. You could also look at installing bollards at site entrances to stop any hostile vehicle in its tracks.

Early warning

Another great way to handle this sort of threat is to have measures in place to warn you about it early. CCTV or perimeter RADAR is a good example of this. These kinds of systems can provide early warning to your security staff of approaching danger. While it might not always be possible to stop it before it reaches your perimeter, you will at least be prepared to deal with it afterwards. Of course, if you do have time, early warning systems can help you stop the attack before it gets near your premises.

Consider site layout

One last way to handle the issues hostile vehicles bring is to consider how your site and premises are laid out. Not all of your sites will require HVM measures; if there is no road or no possible way for a vehicle to achieve a speed of 30mph, then HVM will not be required, as a perimeter demarcation fence may be adequate.  Don’t just think about gates and areas where vehicles drive, though; there is no point in protecting a gate when the perpetrator could just as easily drive through the fence. Additional measures such as bollards or crash barriers may be required around vulnerable areas.

Call Zaun for quality hostile vehicle mitigation measures

At Zaun, we have a range of measures to help mitigate against the threat hostile vehicles pose. Our range will keep you, your buildings, your staff, and your customers safe from specialised high-security fencing to bollards, blockers, and barriers. Call today on 01902 796 699 for more details.

Further information about hostile vehicle mitigation can be found at www.hvmhub.co.uk.

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