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What should you look for in football fencing?

What should you look for in football fencing?

08th October 2020

Football is still the nation’s favourite game. The new Premier League season has now started, football fever is likely to grow even more in the coming weeks. It is not just watching this popular sport, though. From schools to colleges and leisure centre leagues, playing football is also something many people love to do. Of course, football pitches are crucial to this. One thing to think about for any pitch is installing sports fencing. But what benefits does this offer?


Any football fencing you install should look awesome. Although it is primarily there to provide security and protection to the playing area, it should also look stylish. This will make people want to use the football pitch itself and present a better image to any spectators. Installing sports fencing, which looks good, also reflects well on the organisation that owns the pitches.


Football fencing should also be tough and durable. This is only common sense when you think about the punishment it will take. The fencing will likely be hit by many footballs over its lifetime. If it is not durable, it will start to degrade quickly and need fixing. Tough fencing, however, will give greater longevity and not degrade as quickly. The other benefit of durable fencing is that it is harder to breach for intruders. This will keep pitches safer at night when not in use and stop people from vandalising them.

Value for money

There is no getting away from how important cost is when thinking about this subject. Any organisation which installs perimeter fencing will be working to a set budget. Therefore, it is key to choose fencing that you can afford but also offers toughness and style. Do not always go for the cheapest, though! Fencing, which costs a little more but offers more features or better quality, is actually better value.

Football fencing with Zaun

Our range of football fencing delivers all the above benefits and more. Zaun is an expert in the manufacture and installation of top-quality fencing for football pitches. Get in touch with us today on 01902 796699 for more details.