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Why bespoke fences are great choice for your site?

Why bespoke fences are great choice for your site?

09th July 2020

When it comes to looking after your site, there is a wide selection of security measures you could use. Boundary fencing is one and has been popular for many years now with businesses, schools and organisations. While you could select a fence from our wide range of  fencing systems to install and protect your grounds, you may also consider more bespoke option instead.

But what advantages does this bespoke style of perimeter fencing offer?

You can customise it to your own design

As you would expect, perhaps the major benefit with this type of fencing is that it can be customised to exactly how you want it. This means you get a totally unique and personal look to your site which standard fencing cannot offer. Bespoke fencing can be manufactured to include things like your company logos or motifs, school name and in various colours to really stand out. The added bonus is that you get extra free marketing for your business as people walk past. Our bespoke fencing solutions include;

  • Printed designs straight onto the fence using HiSec Print.
  • Unique lettering at the top of the fence which can feature a name or feature using Zariba Plus.
  • Scanable barcoded fencing which can be scanned with a mobile phone to display a name or feature using Barcode Railings
  • Or allow us to designs something completely bespoke to suit your requirements

It looks awesome

The other fabulous thing which bespoke fencing delivers is eye-catching looks. This helps to really elevate the visual impact of your whole site and make it look more attractive to visitors. For really outstanding visual effects, you can even mix a few bespoke panels in with your current fencing.

Beefs up security

There is one key thing to remember with custom fencing – it is still excellent for beefing up your site security. As with normal high-security fencing, it will do a brilliant job of keeping out intruders and protecting those who are allowed to be on your grounds.

Order your bespoke fences from Zaun today

If you like the sound of what bespoke fences can bring to your business or organisation, give Zaun a call today. Our range of custom woven or welded mesh fencing can be made to your exact design and brings awesome looks to your site. Get in touch today for more details.