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Why use mesh security fencing for your basketball courts?

Why use mesh security fencing for your basketball courts?

04th April 2019

Outdoor basketball courts are a great way to enjoy this fabulous game in the fresh air. If you have some on your school, college, or university premises, it is also a battle to keep them secure. Taking the necessary steps to do this is key, so your outdoor courts stay in the best condition. Installing the right kind of perimeter fencing is one of the first things to do if you have not already.

Welded or Woven mesh security fencing

By far, the best choice on the market now is welded or woven mesh security fencing. This type of fencing has many features to recommend, as seen below.

It is hard to breach

As the fencing you choose will be for security, you need to know that it delivers in this area. Mesh fencing is not only difficult to damage but also very hard to climb over. Together, this makes it a great choice to protect your outdoor basketball courts. Even if intruders are not put off by the visual deterrent, they will find it almost impossible to breach and then cause damage to your courts.

It is weather-proof

As your courts are outside, you need perimeter fencing that can stand up to being there too. Luckily, mesh fencing is fully weather-proof and robust enough to handle whatever the elements can throw at it. From wind to rain and snow, this type of fencing can take it all. This means it will last a long time and not cost you money in replacing it often.

It helps to protect that inside

Of course, effective security fencing is not just for when the courts are out of use. Your fencing should provide safety to those playing inside from any would-be criminals outside. Tough and strong mesh fencing is the ideal choice to keep the players on your courts secure. As it is tall, mesh fencing will also keep any stray shots from landing on anyone watching outside or hitting passing cars, thereby avoiding injuries and incidents.

Let Zaun erect the perimeter fencing you need

At Zaun, our top-class mesh fencing is perfect for use with outdoor basketball courts. Call today for more details on our range of security fencing and how we can help anyone who uses your courts stay safe.