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Withstand the winter weather with sturdy, strong fencing

Withstand the winter weather with sturdy, strong fencing

08th December 2015

Winter winds, ice and rain can really take their toll on outdoor structures, especially those in exposed areas. Fences in particular take a real battering when the weather gets rough, and strong gales can even pull down panels and posts. A broken fence is an insecure fence, and you need to be sure that your premises is protected at all times, so you cannot afford any damage occurring.

When choosing new security fencing, make sure you consider its performance in all weathers and select something sturdy, reliable and resistant to extreme weather conditions. Zaun’s experts can provide you with more information on your security fencing options.

Even with the most secure fencing, sometimes unpredictable weather can cause disaster. If a fence panel or gate does get broken, your site or premises becomes vulnerable and the damage needs repairing quickly. Order a replacement panel or a new fencing system and our installers will get it up as quickly as possible for you. All fences fitted meet the highest safety and quality standards, so you know you have the best possible protection, even when the winter weather sets in.

During periods of high wind, greater consideration should always be given to the safety of temporary fencing systems. Temporary fencing is designed to make events safer and to protect sites during short-term projects. Although hoardings and wire mesh panels are effective for protecting and controlling people, temporary barriers are a less safe option than permanent security fencing where the weather is concerned. A strong gale can pull down temporary panels and leave sites exposed – not to mention the risk to the public.

However, there are still plenty of temporary options available for managing winter sites – you just need to consider something tougher than you would typically need. Outdoor events and work projects take a little more planning in winter if you want everyone to be secure, but it is still possible to make sites and venues safe with temporary fencing. Call Zaun now for more information.