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Innovative High Security Privacy Louvre System

Innovative High Security Privacy Louvre System

When a significant UK security site needed a complete upgrade to its perimeter fencing, Zaun stepped in with a cost effective and highly secure solution.

The task ahead

Due to the extremely sensitive nature of the site, guarding against physical threat as well as providing a visual screen was important. The perimeter had to meet the high standards of the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure [CPNI] and be capable of housing Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems [PIDS] – a sensor mounted on the fence.

As there was no current security fencing system that includes a visual block that is approved by CPNI it was thought that two fences were required. One of these fences would provide high security protection and the other a screen from prying eyes.

Installing an additional conventional louvre screen would have been expensive and taken up too much room, so Zaun’s development team came up with a solution to address both of these issues.

The Patent Pending system uses horizontal louvres that cleverly link into the mesh, this keeps cost and size down as the mesh itself becomes part of the louvre system. The system grabs the wires as it is installed to ensure a tight fit and thus preventing rattles that might interfere with the acoustic PIDS system. This clever design saves costs and space. The product can be configured to provide varying degrees of screening.

What Was Supplied

CPNI approved HiSec Super 6 high security fencing system is designed for sensitive high-profile sites. The vertical wires are 6mm in diameter with 76.2mm x 12.7mm spacings, an enhancement to a standard 358 system.

Louvre privacy screens are easily attached to the robust fencing eliminating the need for two sets of fencing. Manufactured from 2mm thick steel sheets, which are folded to form the louvre. The galvanised sheets cleverly grab to the mesh as they are installed, improving privacy and making the 358 mesh more rigid.

This whole private and secure fencing system can also have PIDS easily attached. These mounted detection systems give early warning to any attempts of intrusion whether penetration or climbing. It offers discreet monitoring and early warning and can be fitted on existing fencing units.

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