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Wimbledon Removable Fencing System

Wimbledon Removable Fencing System


Wimbledon, the British Tennis Championships are led and conducted by the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club. The championships occur every year at Wimbledon, London, in July and are well attended by tennis enthusiasts, celebrities and other spectators worldwide.

The AELT&C required the venue to regularly and temporarily install tennis ball stop netting around the smaller courts around the arena to act as a ball stop fence and stop stray balls, therefore required removable fencing.

The Solution

Removable posts were designed and manufactured by Zaun’s in-house design team. The bespoke designed temporary posts were created to slot into support sockets in the ground, ensuring that the posts could be installed and removed easily for when the Wimbledon Tennis Championships are played.

These removable posts were manufactured with offset holes for eyebolt type tensioners and supplied with a 30x5mm strip to thread the net through to provide a neat and tidy termination or corner. These are designed specifically to support the line wires and the netting on the additional smaller courts outside of the main court, providing a temporary ball stop netting area to stop stray balls from venturing on other courts around the venue.

The removable fencing and temporary netting are installed during Wimbledon Championships and removed for the day to day running at the venue. In addition, specialist ball stop netting designed specifically for tennis courts is installed with apertures that are small enough that tennis balls cannot pass through.

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