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Public Security Exhibition (PSE), Sweden

Public Security Exhibition (PSE), Sweden
08th October 2015
12:00am - 12:00am

Ambassador’s Residence, Stockholm

Zaun Ltd will be attending the ADS event Public Security Exhibition in Stockholm; Sweden, which will be held at the British Ambassador’s Residence.

The UK was Sweden’s 5th largest export market in 2013 (£7 bn), and Sweden’s 5th largest source of imports in 2013 (£6 bn). Sweden is one of the highest growth economies in Europe with a forecast GDP growth for 2015 at 2.7% and 2016 at 3.3%. It is the 12th biggest investor into the UK in terms of global-ranked foreign direct investment. Significant sectors are finance, insurance, metals and machinery. Sweden’s defence spending is going up, which could present opportunities for British industry.

The focus of this year’s PSE will be centred around Critical National Infrastructure. The Swedish Civil Contingency Agency (MSB) is undergoing a major assessment and change to the way CNI organisations are structured when it comes to major catastrophic events, both weathering and recovering from these serious disruptions. Essential aspects of the action plan include: improving national co-ordination with municipalities, county councils, county administrative boards, and private sector entities; and the plan will be reviewed periodically with the next due in 2016, and then in 2018. This PSE event will place UK industry on the radar of MSB and their stakeholders leading up to the 2016 review.

The 11 key sectors of CNI include: energy supply; financial services; trade and industry; health medical and care services; information and communication; municipal technical service; foodstuffs; public administration – both management and support functions; protection, safety and security; social security; and transport.


Ambassador’s Residence, Stockholm

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