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Introducing Zaun’s NEW Slow Closing Playground Gate

Introducing Zaun’s NEW Slow Closing Playground Gate

09th November 2020

Slow closing gates are an important safety feature in all situations, but when it comes to children’s playgrounds they are absolutely vital. Children can easily get carried away when they’re playing, and this can be extremely dangerous if they are close to roads, water, or other hazards. That’s why we’ve launched KinderGate – a slow closing safety gate specially designed for playgrounds, schools, parks and anywhere else that young children play.

Designed for safety

Every aspect of the KinderGate slow closing gate has been designed with the safety of children in mind. The hydraulic self-closing design is built to comply with BS EN 1176 for playground equipment, meaning that it is free from finger traps, crush points, shear actions, and anything else that could cause injuries to young children. The hydraulic mechanism makes the gate virtually impossible to slam shut, eliminating the risk of injuries resulting from the gate bouncing back when shut hard. The KinderGate is also fitted with an anti-trap mechanism and is built in such a way that it can’t swing beyond its stop point.

Tough enough for the playground

The KinderGate slow closing playground gate is not only designed to keep children safe – it is also designed to be safe from children! As anyone who works in a school will tell you, you should never underestimate the destructive force of kids at playtime. Luckily, the KinderGate is built to withstand even the most rambunctious of behaviour. Manufactured using robust steel with the closing mechanism housed in a fully shielded unit to prevent vandalism, this is one of the toughest gates on the market.

Built for the great outdoors

A playground gate is outdoors in all weathers, so it has to be tough enough to withstand the elements. Whether you choose the hot dip galvanised finish (tested to BS EN ISO 1461 standards) or the galvanised and polyester powder coated finish, you can be sure that your KinderGate will be able to handle anything that the great outdoors throws its way.

Highly adaptable slow closing playground gate

Every playground is different, so the KinderGate is designed to be as flexible as possible. The gate is fully adjustable and can be set to conform with ROSPA recommendations. It is also available in a choice of two heights – 1000mm or 1200mm – allowing you to choose the size that is most suitable for your site. As attractive as it is tough, the KinderGate is available in red and yellow as standard, but any other colour combination is available on request. This means that you can always find a KinderGate to match the existing colour scheme of your playground.