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New delivery vehicle heralds increased efficiency & reduced emissions

New delivery vehicle heralds increased efficiency & reduced emissions

16th February 2021

At Zaun we believe in constantly investing in our infrastructure to ensure the best in not only service for our clients but also working conditions for our employees and reductions in our carbon footprint. To that end we’ve recently invested in a brand new delivery vehicle, a Renault T460, to help further streamline our fencing business.

Why invest in a new truck?

There are many reasons to invest in a new vehicle, and we considered all of them before committing to our new purchase.

Better efficiency

Reducing our carbon footprint is something we’re always thinking about at Zaun. Indeed, we have also made great steps in efficiency on our premises through the use of energy efficient heaters and a switch to a much more energy-efficient lighting system.

Our new vehicle has a diesel engine that conforms to Euro VI emissions standards. This means that the particulates and emissions of the vehicle are strictly controlled, to minimise the impact on the environment as much as possible. Not only does this mean it’s generally cleaner to run, it also means our deliveries are able to go ahead to inner-city areas, which are increasingly introducing bans on older diesel vehicles. The newer engines are also much more fuel-efficient, which is always a desirable goal.

Improved branding and convenience

Our new vehicle allows us the opportunity for full branding, to help promote our business. The more we’re able to promote ourselves, and the more customers we’re able to satisfy, the more we are going to be able to invest in streamlining our operation.

Our vehicle is going to be used with a flatbed trailer complete with a MOFFETT mounted forklift at the rear. What does this mean for you? It means that deliveries to your premises are going to be much faster and far more efficient. Our drivers will be able to unload your fencing deliveries and place them at your direction, so you’re able to better manage your deliveries.

It can also help us make sure our delivery costs are better managed, as we’re working with more accurate economy figures to calculate our costs.

Employee comfort

Our employees matter to us, and our investment in a new vehicle means drivers are going to be far more comfortable – both while undertaking internal and local haulage, as well as for our clients nationwide. A more refreshed driver is also a benefit to you, however, as they will be able to more efficiently unload your fencing panels using the MOFFETT trailer forklift.

A signal of our committal

Every good business must be willing to invest as necessary in its own infrastructure, and our recent purchase of a new delivery vehicle tells you that we’re always willing to take the extra step. Whether it’s to improve the quality of service our clients get, the working conditions that our valuable employees experience, or to continually drive down our carbon footprint.

This is part of an ongoing scheme at Zaun to continually improve our business, as well as our products.