Zaun Limited launches world leading PAS68 solutions

Perimeter Asset Protection Systems launches world leading PAS68 solutions

Perimeter Asset Protection Systems launches world leading PAS68 solutions

19th March 2012

A three-way collaboration of perimeter protection experts will unveil its new range of PAS68 ultra high security perimeter protection products at the globally acclaimed Counter Terror Expo (CTX) 2012.

Solutions developed only this year by Zaun, Hardstaff Barriers and Highway Care (HC Security Solutions) will be showcased at the exhibition and conference at London’s Olympia on 25 and 26 April.

Perimeter Asset Protection Systems is a unique collaborative arrangement combining the design, technical, manufacturing, logistics and installation resources of three leading systems providers in the UK.

CTX is the premier platform for the effective sharing of knowledge among those tasked with the demanding and complex role of delivering a robust defence against international terrorism in an age when the threat is both dynamic and continually evolving.

SecureGuard 30 PAS68 testing

With the global spotlight on Britain in a year that sees the UK’s first Olympic and Paralympic Games for 64 years and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the fear of a terrorist attack is palpable, driving those responsible for security to demand ever higher standards of protection and mitigation.

Zaun Sales & Finance Director Paul Painter said: “We have developed a large number of new products with our partners which address the specific security risks at high profile sporting events such as the Olympics. Pressing needs for perimeter protection were present, but no existing solutions were available, so we have developed entirely new systems.

CTX brings the foremost experts from government, the armed forces, security services, law enforcement and academia from all over the world together annually to share real-life experience, debate strategies, brainstorm issues, shape policy and define effective counter-measures.

It is the only event to deliver a heavily researched, extremely relevant and uniquely high level centrepiece conference, alongside extensive learning through an issue-specific workshop programme and supported by a world-beating showcase exhibition exposing the very latest technology and techniques available to professionals in this vitally important arena.

Perimeter Asset Protection Systems is exhibiting its highest-security portfolio, which includes Multi-fence and Rapid Deployable Systems (RDS), which can be enhanced to include PAS68 ratings, and SecureGuard PAS68 systems. The portfolio also includes a range of PAS68 blockers and bollards.

PAS68:2010 is the latest of BSi’s Publicly Available Specifications for vehicle security barriers, which is the benchmark for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation equipment. It specifies the stringent regime for products to be tested against.

Painter said: “With the threat from international terrorism remaining at a very high level and those with the desire, intent and means to do harm proving to be nimble, inventive and extremely dangerous adversaries, we need opportunities like CTX to discuss the issues of the day and to develop the counter-measures of tomorrow.

CTX brings both focus and clarity to the complex and multifaceted task of protecting people and assets from the threat presented by international terrorism.“

PAS68 MultiFence is one of the world’s first products to achieve PAS68:2010 V7500(N2) 64/90:5.0/0.0. It is manufactured to comply with the stringent quality standards of BS EN 1317 (vehicle restraint systems) and is approved for use by the Highways Agency.

The collaboration has recently developed its RDS mobile high security solution, which goes to heights of up to 2.4m. The innovative arrangement allows for posts and panels to be erected and removed in a matter of minutes as well as allowing for an enhancement to the system which gives protection to PAS68 standards.

SecureGuard is another mobile high security system tested to PAS68:2010 withstanding multiple attacks by a 7.5 tonne truck at speeds of 20, 30 and 50mph while maintaining a secure perimeter. Not only does SecureGuard offer protection against attack, the system is fully compliant for use adjacent to highways, making the system completely safe for errant non-threatening vehicles.

These systems can be combined with Zaun’s existing range of fencing panels and post designs, reducing the required footprint of the fence line, offering a composite solution of a PAS68 barrier and system-protected anti-personnel fence.

They are ideal for applications such as utility plants, as no below-ground foundations are required and can be used on soft and hard standing. They give protection up to 5m in height and can incorporate above ground foundation pedestrian and vehicle gates, turnstiles and access portals, along with CCTV columns and PID systems.

The portfolio also includes a range of PAS68 rated ‘Terror Stopper’ bollards and barriers with varying speed and vehicle ratings.