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HiSec Print

Zaun’s printed 358 mesh system HiSec Print is a development from the popular HiSec 358 welded mesh system.

This printed 358 mesh system uses the common 358 welded mesh configuration designed to repel potential thieves, trespassers and vandals, but also enables you to customise your fence line to feature a logo, design or lettering of your choosing.

Not only will you be able to have all of the benefits of having a high security fencing system but this can also be branded in any way you wish. Ideal for schools and businesses as an additional feature to your building.

The close mesh means that this printed 358 mesh system is almost impossible to climb, and is very difficult to cut with anything other than power tools. Zaun has developed three fixing methods, ensuring appropriate and flexible solutions are available to meet specific installation specifications.

Whether using our ‘spider’ clip for low risk sites, or our clamp bar system, HiSec Print can work to mitigate the risk of potential attack.

For high security sites, the panel ends are held against the post by a clamp bar which makes levering the panels off very difficult.

Thanks to our leading system technologies and in-house manufacturing, the system is available up to 6 mtr high in a single panel.

To ensure we are able to supply a complete, single solution, pedestrian and vehicle access solutions have been carefully designed to address both aesthetical requirements along with ensuring the same security level of the mesh is maintained.

HiSec Print printed 358 mesh fencing system is available in your choice of RAL colours and can be supplied with you choice of printed design.


Features and Benefits
  • Available with bespoke design or print - ideal for branding or crating a feature
  • Manufactured to the traditional 358 mesh pattern regularly associated with prisons
  • The tight welded mesh offers no climbing aids and mitigates attack by hand and powered tools
  • Open mesh pattern provides excellent visibility
  • Single panel heights can be supplied of up to a maximum of 5.2 m
  • Fixed to posts using a full length clamp bar
  • Available either bolt down, in ground or on wall
  • LPCB LPS1175 SR1 rated option available for DualFix
  • Secured by Design approved for SingleFix and DualFix
Download To download our HiSec Print datasheet please click on the link below; To download our Q40 specification sheet please click on the link below;
Height Post Centres Vertical Wire Horizontal Wire Mesh Pattern Post Section
1.27 mtr 2.470 mtr 4mm 4mm 76.2mm x 12.7mm 60mm x 40mm
1.80 mtr – 2.43 mtr 2.470 mtr 4mm 4mm 76.2mm x 12.7mm 80mm x 40mm
2.70 mtr – 3.00 mtr 2.470 mtr 4mm 4mm 76.2mm x 12.7mm 100mm x 50mm
4.20 mtr – 4.80 mtr 2.470 mtr 4mm 4mm 76.2mm x 12.7mm 120mm x 60mm
4.80 mtr – 5.20 mtr 2.470 mtr 4mm 4mm 76.2mm x 12.7mm 160mm x 80mm

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