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Anti Climb Guard Topping

The Zaun Anti Climb Guard fence topping is a freely rotating, anti-scaling, anti-climb security fencing topping. Designed to effectively roll away any aggression and crime without any intent to harm and eliminates any footholds for potential intruders.

This anti climb guard system is ideal for protecting walls, gates, security and perimeter fencing, rooftops, windows and alleyways. Perfect for sites where vandalism or theft is likely.

Visually the Anti Climb topping provides a clear warning to potential thieves and trespassers and does not incur any problems with health and safety at work act or any other criminal and civil laws.

An easy to assemble and simple to install anti-climb system that is also cost effective. Manufactured from aluminium alloy with high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. The addition of a large amount of manganese controls the grain structure which in turn results in a stronger product and performance.

The anti climb topping spurs, manufactured in T4 temper. This allows us to form the section into shape. The act of forming the spurs also hardens the material giving it a high tensile strength and proof stress figures. Central shafts, extruded in T6 temper and results in the highest possible tensile strength.

Whether deterrent or security is required. Anti climb guard toppings prevent unauthorised access to property or premises susceptible to trespass, theft or vandalism.

The rotating anti climb system also offers long lasting, maintenance free performance and peace of mind. Helping industry professionals and property owners make the right decisions.

Anti climb guards, also designed to work with all perimeter fencing, walls and gates.

Anti Climb Guard Samples Available

Samples of anti climb toppings are also available upon request, to request your free sample please click here.

Available to buy online

Anti climb topping is also available to buy online from ZaunStore.


Features and Benefits
  • A rolling anti climb guard that rotates when attempts are made to access the sites
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Ideal for protecting walls, gates, fences, rooftops, windows, drainpipes and alleyways
  • A perfect compliment to our range of perimeter fencing solutions
  • Aesthetically pleasing for areas where inoffensive protection is required
  • Robust and reliable for locations where serious vandalism is likely
  • Eliminates a platform or foothold for an opportunist
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Fitting:Easily fitting to fencing, gates, walls, piers or columns & allows for changes in elevation
Spurs:Manufactured in T4 temper
Central Shafts:Manufactured in T6 temper
Certifications and Approvals