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Cranked Fence Toppings

Zaun’s Cranked Fence Toppings are designed to crank internally or externally to provide additional protection to your premises or ball courts. The external crank is ideal to ensure that people cannot climb the mesh to gain access to your site and the internal crank is ideal for ball courts to increase ball retention.

Along with the cranked panel the posts can also be cranked for extra strength providing a strong perimeter for sports or perimeters. Each cranked topping can be designed to match the mesh fencing and provides an aesthetically pleasing deterrent to your perimeter.

Internal and external Cranked Fence Toppings corners are also available for corners, leaving a smart and attractive finish to complement and complete your perimeter.

Cranked posts and panels are available on most of our fencing systems, including HiSec, HiSec Super, Duo 6, Duo 8, Duo Sports, Super Rebound and a wide range of other mesh fences for both Sports and Security applications.


Features and Benefits
  • Visual & physical deterrent to stop people scaling the fence
  • Increase ball retention in sports applications
  • Makes the climbing position more difficult
  • Available with a crank to the panel or to the post
  • Increases height and projection of the fence

Please contact our sales team on [email protected] or +44 (0)1902 796 699 for a full specification.

Certifications and Approvals