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MACT System

Zaun’s Mesh Anti Climb Topping (MACT) has been specifically designed to prevent unauthorised trespassers or vandals from gaining access to rooftops, fence lines or other areas outside the permitted domain.

Many secure facilities in the UK experience problems to meet the necessary security requirements. The MACT system has been to be designed safe, practical, affordable and above all, secure.

D with an anti-climb mesh pattern to ensure trespassers cannot climb or get finger holds into the mesh. The open mesh pattern reduces wind loading, but provides clear line of sight for CCTV camera systems.

The MACT System also does not have any ground mounted elements and doesn’t interfere with movement of individuals at ground level. Fixture of system to existing walls means minimum possible encroachment into open areas.

MACT can be mounted at any height and onto various fences and wall/roof finishings allowing maximum effectiveness. Installed at height of eaves and so does not tower over individuals. From interior, horizon defined by rooftops, not fencing. Fitted to eaves means no ground works necessary.

Users can clearly identify any blockages within the system with the open mesh pattern. Sections are easily removed with a special tool to clear any blockage. Mesh system means no build up of water possible. Mesh pattern means far less wind loading and minimal possibility of false alarms. This system is designed to be see through nature providing clear line of sight to the roof.

A low cost anti climb topping solution and due to its low weight can be affixed to the existing buildings. Special bespoke mesh means that the MACT system is just as difficult to scale as a solid barrel section.

The Anti climb fence topping can also be used in with integrated solutions such as CCTV, PIDs, alarms and access control. As standard, the MACT system will use a wire alarm to alert of any attempt security breach.

Mesh Samples Available

Samples of Zaun mesh are also available upon request, to request your free sample please click here.


Features and Benefits
  • An anti-climb mesh topping system
  • Open mesh pattern ensures the topping can be used with CCTV systems
  • Reduces the wind loading due to the open mesh pattern
  • Safe, practical and affordable
  • Prevents unauthorised access to rooftops and fence lines
  • Easily removable using special tool to remove blockages and for maintenance
Download To download our MACT datasheet please click on the link below;
  • TBC
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Mesh SectionTo fulfil maintenance requirements for gutter access. Tighter mesh section on lower section for improved anti-climb features, the mesh will allow greater natural light and upward visibility and allow staff to see anything thrown onto the roof, anti climb barrel or persons climbing onto the roof and hiding.
 AlarmThe fence wire alarm system will also be run through the roof system to alarm and alert to any security breach
 Dimensions500mm in height x 1200mm minimum overhang
 HeightApprox 2m to finish floor level

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