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HiSec Super PAS 68

HiSec Super PAS 68 fence from Zaun is the first fence designed and manufactured to fully integrate hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) to BSI PAS 68:2010 standards.

This PAS 68 fencing system successfully crash tested to PAS 68 standards and rated to PAS 68:2010 V/2500 (N1G)/48/90:0/0.0.

A PAS 68 fencing system designed specifically to mitigate the ever-increasing security risk on sites of critical national importance. This zero penetrating PAS 68 fence solution uses the leading industry technologies to nullify attacks by vehicles.

The HiSec Super PAS 68 fencing system will stop a 2.5-tonne vehicle travelling at 30 mph (48km/h). Specifically designed as a stand-alone high-security fencing solution. Installed using concrete footing for ease of installation, providing a single line of the defence system.

Manufactured using GME spring HVM system combined with Zaun’s HiSec Super 6 mesh. The PAS 68 fence system based on HiSec 358 but is even stronger, presenting a formidable barrier to anyone wishing to gain unauthorised access. The 4mm horizontal wires remain the same as standard HiSec; however, the vertical wires come with a 6mm gauge with 76.2mm spacing.

HiSec Super PAS 68 also used with a range of fence toppings and integrated solutions to provide a full turnkey high-security solution. Pedestrian and vehicle gates are also available to match the fence line.

Each system may also be galvanised only or galvanised and polyester powder coated in your choice of RAL colours. For a full list of colours, Click Here.

PAS 68 Rating

BSI PAS 68 is the Publicly Available Specification for vehicle security fencing, gates, blockers, bollards and barriers. It has become the standard and benchmark for all Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) products. It is in this specification that all physical perimeter security equipment is tested to prevent vehicle-borne attacks.

BSI PAS68:2010 V/2500/N1G/48/90/0.00/0.00
Vehicle Test Weight Vehicle Class Vehicle Speed (KPH) Vehicle Angle Vehicle Penetration (m) 25KG+ Dispersion (m) Footing Depth (mm)
V/2500KG N1G 48 90 0.00 0.00 400

This Publicly Available Specification (PAS) addresses the requirements of companies and organisations who want to guarantee that the perimeter vehicle barriers will provide the level of impact resistance they are aiming for.

PAS68 identifies impact test methods, tolerances, test vehicle type and vehicle performance criteria that need to be met to conform to PAS68. (more…)

HVM PAS 68 Fence Gates Available

A wide range of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) gates is available to complement this PAS 68 fencing system. Our range of HVM gates designed and manufactured with matching HiSec Super mesh. Also available galvanised and/or powder coated to a colour of your choice.


All Zaun posts/panels/gates and painted auxiliary components (for example, clamp-bars, slide bolts etc.) benefit from a protective zinc layer and electrostatically applied polyester powder coating to BS1722 p16. Care is taken with pre-treatment to ensure sound adhesion between the zinc layer and the paint. In a UK C1 environment, as defined in ISO 12944 p2, this should ensure a useful life expectancy of the fence of at least 15-20 years. Life expectancy in all environments can be extended by the maintenance of the fencing with regular washing. Useful life will be reduced if the fencing is damaged. Any coating damage should be repaired to reduce the effect on useful life.

Enhanced painting systems such as marine coatings are also available for improved life expectancy in C2-C5M environments.

For a full list of colours, click here.

Also available in GalZal.

Posts & Fixings

The HiSec PAS 68 fence features a post and clamp bar configuration, providing a simple and easy installation method. Supplied with through bolts, washers and nuts and installed using either power or hand tools.

Sloping Ground

Panels can be stepped as required on the post. On steeper gradients, it is recommended that taller panels are either part-buried or additional posts are used. Panels can also be sloped within the tolerances of the panel to post fixing.

HiSec PAS 68 Fence Variations

Posts are available in different lengths to accommodate panel heights and ground conditions. Additional variations are also available:

Samples Available

Samples of Zaun mesh are available upon request. To request your free sample, please click here.



Features and Benefits
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) fencing solution passed to PAS 68:2010 standards
  • An incorporated PAS 68 system with HiSec Super 6, mesh
  • Nullifies attacks by vehicles in one easy to install fencing solution
  • PAS 68:2010 V/2500(N1G)/48/90:0/0.0
  • Features car park spring barriers tested to BS6399 and BS1680
  • All in one foundation line
  • Simple and cost-effective installation
  • The modular system allows for simple and cost-effective replacement parts.
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Height Range: 2000mm - 3600mm
Panel Width: 2520mm
Mesh Size: 12.7mm x 76.2mm (358 style mesh)
Wire Diameter: 6mm Verticals & 4mm Horizontals
Top Edge Projection: Minimal Spikes
Post Type: OMEGA Style Post
Clamp Bar Size: 140mm x 5mm
Post Centres: 2570mm
Fixing Centres: 330mm
Fixings: Anti Tamper Security Fixings
Barrier System GME Springs
Foundation Size 700mm Diameter x 1000mm Deep

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