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Terror Stopper PAS 68 Pedestrian Portals

The Terror Stopper PAS 68 Pedestrian Portal, a crash rated re-deployable pedestrian portal frame. Tested and approved to BSI PAS 68:2010 standards. This Pedestrian Portal system, crash tested and rated to stop a 7.5-tonne vehicle travelling at 40 mph. Stopping the vehicle within the aperture with zero penetration.

Designed to house a range of pedestrian access options. A PAS 68 Pedestrian Portal ideal for everything from single pedestrian gates to turnstiles and also gate combinations.

Supplied as a stand-alone crash rated pedestrian portal or also with various infills. This crash rated portal is perfect for deployment at temporary major events or political conferences.

A Pedestrian Portal system, designed by Zaun for use with the MultiFence PAS 68 temporary barrier system or a standalone pedestrian portal.

Also available as a single or double portal, the crash rated pedestrian portal system can restrict access to and from a site by using turnstiles as a point of entry and a gate as a point of a quick exit.

All gates are also available with your choice of mesh and lock options.

These pedestrian portals also tested and achieved a BSI PAS 68 rating of PAS68:2010 V/7500[N2]/48/90:1.0/0.0.

What is PAS 68?

BSI PAS 68 is the Publicly Available Specification for vehicle security fencing, gates, blockers, bollards and barriers. It has become the standard and benchmark for all Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) products. It is in this specification that all physical perimeter security equipment is tested to prevent vehicle-borne attacks. (more…)


Features and Benefits
  • PAS 68:2010 impact tested to stop a 7.5-tonne vehicle travelling at 40 mph
  • Fully customisable with your choice of pedestrian access - from turnstiles to gates
  • Available with a range of access control and locking options
  • Ideal for use without MultiFence PAS 68 system but can be used standalone
  • Your choice of mesh options
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Access Aperture: 1200mm
Dimensions: 3040mm x 4320mm
PAS 68 Result: V/7500[N2]/48/90:1.0/0.0
Foundations: No Foundations Required
Size: Available as a single or double portal

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